No One Needs To Know Shania

A one-woman show with a live band led by Matthew Barber, inspired by Canada’s queen of country music 

Highlights from the show:

Final poster, text design & layout by Joel Tellier (, photo by Matthew Barber.


Crowd-Funding Campaign Video:

July 3-12th, 2014, Alexis performed No One Needs To Know Shania at The Monarch Tavern as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival. She wrote, produced and starred in the title role, accompanied by a live band led by her husband, Matthew Barber. ( It’s a play and a concert in a bar!

This show was the Meat and Three of the 2014 Fringe which means that it packed in southern smoke and all that guilty home-cookin’ flavour you’ve been depriving yourself of since the 90’s.

The director was Alex McCooeye (Theatre Aquarius, Citadel, Shakespeare in the Ruff, Centaur…) and Sean Frederick D was a guest choreographer helping out with the moves (he actually worked with Shania!)



Scroll down to see the show’s progress!

July 6th, Alexis was invited to promote No One Needs To Know Shania on CP24’s Breakfast show: 


Stage Shots from the show: 

Stage Shots

Visited the National Ballet of Canada costume department to get a sequin gown for the show fitted by seamstress extraordinaire- Lisa Diquinzio: 


Photographer & filmmaker sextraordinaire, Miz Monday aka Ingrid Johansson, did an amazing promo photo shoot. Alexis’ handler was actress & best pal Sophia Walker: 


Matthew Barber and Alexis did their first public performance from No One Needs To Know Shania at Chelsea P. Manders’ Fringe Party for Don’t Tell My Dad at Artscape Youngplace: Mattn me

Writer Jason Whiting helped Alexis edit the script. To finalize it, she made an evidence board to visualize the scenes and help investigate the body parts: 


Vancouver’s Jill Barber & Grant Lawrence have been so kind as to donate their art, time & money towards this production. The video below was created by Alexis to thank them for donating to her campaign on FWYC.

Susan & Jim Spencer of Eden Mills, Ontario, were also generous donors towards this production. This is Alexis’ clubby? thank you video for them.

John Neate & Catherine Hunt of Burlington, Ontario, have also contributed to this production. The jazzy thank you video for them is below.