Mom’s New Friend – A Comedy Trilogy

This spring, Alexis Taylor and Jessica Kozak joined forces in LA to create “Mom’s New Friend” – a 3 part comedy series in which they play 15 year old twin brothers, Devon & Daniel.… Continue reading

The Shallow Shaman Mantras

Lady Grey is pleased to embrace Shauna, The Shallow Shaman into her withdrawing room. Shauna is a certified shaman who trained at the Depths Within retreat outside of Santa Barbara, California for 2… Continue reading

A Shania Twain Musical

Lady Grey is lending her withdrawing room and wherewithal to Alexis Taylor in support of her first one-woman show No One Needs To Know Shania that was presented at the Monarch Tavern July 3-12th… Continue reading

Can Do 3’s Company

In December 2013, visual artist Heather Goodchild visited the Withdrawing Room to bid farewell to Toronto before venturing to Paris, France to claim Canada Council’s 4 month artist residency. Heather discusses transitioning from… Continue reading

Can Do Numero Uno

In May 2013, Susanna Fournier entered the withdrawing room to share herself with Katie & Alexis. An actor and writer, Susie talks ad-libbing on set, growing up in Nelson, BC, avalanche training, bartering,… Continue reading

Can Do # 2

In Nov. 2013, Katie & Alexis brought writer Jason Whiting into the withdrawing room in their 2nd Can Do podcast. Jay talks about blind investing, being a pre-teen in Turks & Caicos, surviving… Continue reading

We CAN DO a Podcast

Lady Grey is proud to welcome Katie Swift and Alexis Taylor into her drawing room to reveal their very own podcast titled “Can Do”. These youngish ladies interview Canadians who Do things. Select… Continue reading

Inside Lady Grey’s Withdrawing Room

Lady Grey is an interdependent lady. She awakens you with aromas of juniper and moth balls. She knows your secrets & owns her own. She’ll lock you in the closet. She’ll take the… Continue reading